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About Us

Our Story

In 1901 Florence wanted to pay tribute to a fellow citizen and artist by placing right in the center of the Ponte Vecchio a bronze bust with his image in all its splendid splendor.

This man was Benvenuto Cellini (Florence 1500 - Florence 1571), the first great goldsmith in history.

The goldsmith tradition in Florence has remained intact and is still visible to the eyes of the world as they cross the Ponte Vecchio.

Out of this tradition and my long experience in the diamond and gemstone trade came the idea to specialize in a single finished product: flexible link bracelets and necklaces, slang for tennis bracelets and necklaces.

My love of adventure and passion for my work have always taken me to the most exotic countries in the world in search of raw materials, and here, thanks to the expertise I have acquired in the field of precious stones, I am able to gather the best the market has to offer: diamonds from India and Belgium, rubies from Myanmar, sapphires from Ceylon, emeralds and aquamarines from Brazil, pearls from Australia... meaning that I am able to offer you precious objects whose value for money will make you appreciate them for more than just their beauty.

Specialization combined with transparency are the basis of our business.

A visit to our site will make you go through the different moments of production with the related costs.

Happy tennis to all from Simone Masieri!


Eurasia Gioielli


Via de’ Bardi, 41,
50125 Firenze FI
P.Iva: 05392370481